Development on this project has stopped. It will no longer be updated.

This is ttftot42, a program to facilitate using TrueType fonts on PostScript interpreters with TrueType rasterizer, by converting them to Type42, the format needed by PostScript interpreters.

TrueType fonts cannot be converted to Type 1 fonts without loss of quality, since conversion introduces rounding errors and loses hinting information. Therefore, newer PostScript interpreters (Adobe PostScript since version 2013, ghostscript since 5.03) include a TrueType rasterizers. To use a TrueType font with them, it has to be embedded in a PostScript font dictionary; this format is called Type 42.

This program generates such Type 42 fonts from TrueType fonts. It can also generate Adobe Font Metrics files (AFM files), including kerning information.

Not yet supported are TrueType Collections and the creation of CID keyed fonts from large TrueType fonts (East Asian or Unicode fonts).

You need the FreeType library to compile and use it.

Current version is 0.4.1, released on August 3rd, 1999.

Distfiles: ttftot42-0.4.1.tar.gz

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GitHub repository (current development version)