Official NiH Repositories Moved to GitHub

December 14, 2017

We have moved the remaining NiH repositories (cftp, cg, dccserver, img2eps, malint, NeoPop-SDL, ttftot42) from our own Mercurial server to GitHub: nih-at.

This makes it easier to contribute to our software. Feel free to use the issue tracker to report bugs, or submit fixes via pull requests. But please note that these tools are deprecated, so we still will not spend much effort on them. has been retired. If you have a Mercurial checkout, please check out a fresh copy from github:

git clone$REPOSITORY.git

Released dccserver 0.5

January 20, 2012

  • cmake support (autoconf still supported)
  • portability fixes

Major Webpage Overhaul

August 18, 2008

The web page has been improved and new features have been added:

The repository browser is now integrated into the website; mailing list archives have been added; and news, release announcements. and commits are available as RSS feeds.

Switched from CVS to Mercurial

May 16, 2007

We switched from CVS to Mercurial, a distributed version control system. has been replaced by

Released dccserver 0.4

November 2, 2003

  • Added “close” command; close particular connections.

  • Added “info” command; shows current transfer states for all connections. Sending dccserver a SIGINFO (or SIGUSR1 on systems without SIGINFO) signal works too.

  • Added proper timeout handling.

  • Added poll replacement function from Brian M Clapper for building on Darwin.

  • Show time taken by transfers and transfer rate.

  • dccserver can now listen on multiple ports; just specify -p multiple times. Requested by Maik Zumstrull ≶>.

  • Fixed dccsend program to work with mIRC.

  • Add contrib/ from David Oftedal <> for X-Chat users.

Released dccserver 0.3

April 7, 2003

  • Add dccsend program to send files to a remote dccserver. Requested by Antti Aaltonen <>.

  • Try to handle it more gracefully when two or more clients want to write to the same file. Idea from Rudolf Polzer.

  • Add lots of fflushes, some from Rudolf Polzer.

  • Strip paths from file name (some weird clients send them). Requested by Athan <>.

  • Remove superfluous seteuid call. Noted by Athan <>.

  • Mention client ID/client name in most places. Based on patches from Rudolf Polzer <>.

  • Add -e/-i options for easy embedding in irssi. Idea from from Rudolf Polzer <>.

  • Add “quit” command to exit dccserver. Idea from Rudolf Polzer <>.

  • Some minor improvements.

Released dccserver 0.2

January 28, 2003

  • Allow receiving more bytes than filesize; show a warning. Could be useful when sender doesn’t have the complete file when starting the dcc send, and in some other cases. Based on patches by Per von Zweigbergk <>.

  • Install as setuid root; drop privileges as soon as possible, and chroot to current directory. Based on patches by Per von Zweigbergk <>.

  • Debian package support, provided by Aubin Paul <>.

Released dccserver 0.1

October 16, 2002

  • First public release.