Not Invented Here


NeoPop-SDL portable NeoGeo Pocket emulator, SDL version
cftp Comfortable FTP, a full screen text mode ftp client
cg semi-automatic newsgroup binary downloader
ckmame check ROM sets for MAME
dccserver functionality of MIRC's /dccserver command
img2eps raster image to EPSF converter
libzip C library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives
malint MPEG audio stream validator
ttftot42 TrueType to Type42 font converter


2015-05-04: Released libzip 1.0.1

  • Build fixes for Windows.

2015-05-03: Released ckmame 0.12

  • add support for on-disk caches to speed up consecutive runs

  • support for ROMs in directories instead of in zip archives

  • fix all fixable ROM errors automatically in one run

  • speed up database operations by preparing statements only once

  • remove torrentzip support (removed in libzip)

2015-05-03: Released libzip 1.0

  • Implemented an I/O abstraction layer.

  • Added support for native Windows API for files.

  • Added support for setting the last modification time for a file.

  • Added a new type zip_error_t for errors.

  • Added more typedefs for structs.

  • Torrentzip support was removed.

  • CVE-2015-2331 was fixed.

  • Addressed all Coverity CIDs.

2013-12-19: Released libzip 0.11.2

  • Support querying/setting operating system and external attributes.

  • For newly added files, set operating system to UNIX, permissions to 0666 (0777 for directories).

  • Fix bug when writing zip archives containing files bigger than 4GB.

2013-04-27: Released libzip 0.11.1

  • Fix bugs in zip_set_file_compression().

  • Include Xcode build infrastructure.